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Imagine hiring a shredding company to destroy your confidential information. You watch as the workers load your unshredded documents onto their truck and drive off. Thirty minutes later your co-worker runs in and tells you that the truck with your documents didn’t securely latch the rear doors and 4,000 pounds of your most sensitive information is now spread out on Bangerter Highway. The exact scenario played out as Zion’s bank hired an offsite company to shred their documents. Imagine the impact a story like this would have on your business. BestShred will only shred onsite in our mobile shredding trucks, giving you the peace of mind that your sensitive documents are completely destroyed before we ever leave your business.

Mobile paper shredding from a NAID AAA certified, professional shredding company like BestShred, GUARANTEES that your sensitive paper is shredded before leaving your premises. As a professional mobile shredding services company, BestShred will always give you a certificate of destruction for your records before we leave.

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