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Law Offices

As a law office, you understand the perils of improper disposal of confidential client information.  The fines and penalties being imposed by the courts for improper document destruction are growing larger and are more frequently administered.  You cannot afford to risk your reputation and the trust that your clients have in you.  By using BestShred to carry out your document destruction policies, you can assure your clients that their information will never be compromised by casual destruction practices.

Don’t allow your client’s information to fall into the wrong hands.  Give BestShred a call and we will work with you to quickly and securely shred all of your old case files.  By setting up a recurring document destruction schedule, your staff can spend their time doing more productive things than hand feeding a noisy shredder.  If you are ever audited, you can provide a Certificate of Document Destruction for every time we have shredded at your location.

NAID AAA Certification Logo

BestShred is NAID AAA Certified

As a NAID AAA Certified Information Destruction Company, BestShred is committed to the highest standards in the industry. Anyone can make claims and promises when no one is examining their business. As a NAID Certified Company, BestShred has gone beyond claims and promises by submitting to a close examination of every aspect of our equipment, our policies, our procedures and our employees by a third party, independent, security auditor.

Our clients rest assured that their most important and confidential information is destroyed before BestShred leaves their premises.  Peace of mind is what we offer.


Container Options

We provide secure locking collection containers for you to gather your sensitive documents.  We have different styles to fit your decor and volume requirements.  We offer secure collection containers ranging from the convenient 10-gallon personal desk collector up to a 64-gallon rolling collection bin.

We will work with you to determine the type and quantity of containers to best enable you to meet your compliance obligations and budget requirements.