BestShred doesn’t just shred paper.  We were actually the first company in the state of Utah to receive the AAA NAID Certification for Non-Paper Media Destruction.  In this digital age, so much of the information that we use ends up on some form of magnetic, electronic, or optical media.  When it is time to dispose of this media, give us a call.  We can safely, securely, and rapidly destroy these materials.

Computer Backup Tapes

Magnetic Media

  • Tape Backup
  • DDS
  • Floppy Disks
  • DAT
  • VHS
  • Cassette Tapes
Small Pile of Cellphones

Consumer Handheld Electronics

  • Cell Phones
  • Credit Card Terminals
  • Digital Recording Devices
  • Digital Playback Devices
  • Flash Drives
Small Pile of CDs

Optical Media

  • CD-ROM
  • UDO
  • BD-R, BD-RE