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As a manufacturer, you not only hold sensitive information regarding your employee workforce, but also have intellectual property and business information that you don’t want falling into your competitor’s hands.

A proper secure document destruction protocol can help you remain compliant with the security obligations you have towards your employees (HIPAA and FACTA et al). Penalties for non-compliance to these federal regulations have skyrocketed in the past few years. Using a secure, onsite document destruction company that holds the NAID AAA Certifcation can give you the peace of mind that the proper disposal methods are being employed in the destruction of that sensitive information.

A rigorous destruction protocol can also protect your business from underhanded methods of discovering your trade secrets, intellectual property, business operations, and vendor lists etc. Dumpster diving is still one of the preferred methods of gathering such information. You can protect your manufacturing business by shredding all company sensitive documents.

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